Business Opportunities

Ind-Swift aims, in all its endeavors, to realize their ultimate goal of " Winning Global Customers Through Innovative Quality Pharmaceutical Products " .

1. Contract Manufacturing

Harnessing our Manufacturing Facilities, approvable by renowned International Regulatory Authorities of the likes of

  • MCC South Africa,
  • FDA USA,
  • ANVISA Brazil.
for the benefit of our business partners to help them realize their potential in today’s highly competitive international market. These compliances give us the capability to develop and formulate products through Contract Manufacturing & related services.
  • Capability to manufacture a variety of Solid Dosage forms (Except Beta Lactams)

2. Technology Transfer

Enabling rapid entry into the high value markets by transferring Technology to our partners.
  • Partnership for numerous products developed / registered / ready to be registered across the world.
  • Range of products, under different phases of development.

3. Out licensing

Marketing arrangements with partners for technology driven products that can be initiated at various stages of development.

4. Contract Research and Development

We command comprehensive Research and Development facilities to assist global pharmaceutical companies from conceptualization of product till the dossier development thereby offering the possibilities of:
  • Collaborative R & D.
  • Developing patentable non infringing processes.
  • Competence in Chiral Technology, Sustained Release Technology and Flash Tab Development
  • Developing NDDS using Patentable & Innovative Technologies

5. Distribution / Marketing Alliances
  • Collaborating with organizations with local expertise in marketing & logistics, to complement them with our Manufacturing & Technical capabilities resulting into synergistic relationship.
  • Providing our business partners with the option of Co-Marketing.

6. Supply Agreements
  • Entering into Supply Agreements with the distinguished Marketing & Distribution companies.
  • Providing our Partners with the options of Finished product in the retail pack as per their requirement.
  • Or in the bulk pack to be repackaged in their respective facilities based on their local requirements.