Research & Development

Research & Development for all types of Pharmaceutical formulations of Ind-Swift Ltd. is located at 123, Phase-I, Industrial Area, Panchkula (Haryana), India.
Recognized by Dept. of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi since 1995.
Is equipped with latest and sophisticated equipments in both of its sections Formulation Development & Analytical Development. This along with a very good, qualified and dedicated team of R&D people is capable of doing Contract or co-development with international companies of repute.
Lab scale batches for tablets, capsules, granules and liquids can be taken in this center before validation batches are taken up in their respective units.
Analytical Stability Indicating methods for all new products are also developed in this R&D facility which are then transferred after partial / complete validation along with the complete technical package to the respective units.
Stability studies for all the new products developed are carried out as per ICH guidelines; Dissolution Profiles and Impurity Profiles are compared with the innovator.
More focus is on the development of value added products and Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS), especially of our API division molecules using Patent-Non infringing processes.


Day 1 launch of Atorvastatin tablets in UK in May, 2012 after patent expiry in collaboration with Wockhardt UK.

Filed about 1350 dossiers for registration in about 75 countries worldwide of the products developed in-house.

Technology transfer done for about 100 products for site variance from Europe, Canada and Australia to Global business unit of Ind-Swift Ltd.